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We get your selected foodgrain ground into flour only 60 minutes before delivery of your order. So your flour is maximum 1 hour old, not months! We make freshness a priority, milling our grains to order. Please keep your flour in a cool, dry place. To extend the life of your flour, store it refrigerated or frozen. Wheatmart India wants you to have a fresh supply of local flour. We recommend that you buy our flour in small quantities that can be used pronto. For optimum flavor, please consume our products within 1-2 months of purchase.Our network of stone-based flour mills grinds the grains to perfect coarseness of your preference while care is taken to ensure flavors of all our flours are intact.


You’ll find the offerings here is not about off-the-shelf products from a supermarket or warehouse. All the grains / products have been sourced “fresh” from the farms or mandi’s to serve you with the best. As our name Wheatmart India suggests, our aim is to offer, guide and deliver you wheat & other products of India’s rich food heritage.

I could not believe that freshly grounded wheat flour & other flours are also possible to order online. has delivered the wheatflour fresh & warm as promised.Now on i need not worry about giving the best to my family 

Customer from Park Street


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Sonusingh Choudhary

store owner

Wheatmart India brings you a collection of carefully selected wheat & other essential foodgrains of India. In our passionate & endless search to offer products that are unique, healthy and full of flavor, we have ensured you get only the best and most trusted foodgrains quality from the farms. The foodgrains we offer are most loved and respected for their quality and have great stories and consumers who are consuming them.





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